Riga is the biggest city of the Baltic States, the capital of Latvia and together with Tallinn and Vilnius is famous for the сharm of the old Europe.

There are 350 kilometers between Riga and the Kaliningrad Region – a piece of cake for any traveler let alone the experienced kubanoid. Particularly for those with the Schengen visa.

There are a lot of ways to get to Riga – by plane, by train, by bus or by car. Your choice depends on your place of residence, the time you want to spend on the trip and the sum of money you have. But in any case you need a foreign passport with Schengen visa.

By plane
This is the fastest, the easiest, the most comfortable and the cheapest way. The length of the trip depends on the city you start from. The plane will take you to the international airport of Riga – one of the most popular transport hub of Europe. The official web-page is: www.riga-airport.com

We recommend you the tickets of the cheapest and the most popular company AirBaltic – the national Latvian transport operator. For the ticket search you can use any web-page – anywayanyday, onetwotrip, skyscanner and so on. There is a bus #22 starting every 15 minutes from the airport to the city center. The taxi costs 10-12 euro.

By car
If you have a company of 4-5 people the trip will cost you a lot but will bring great fun and memories. If you start from Russia you’d better study the map and chose the way. Don’t forget about the documents that you need to pass the borders. You also need a Green Card for your car. You can get the Green Card at any insurance company. And don’t forget to pay a transit tax when cross the border with Belarus.
By train
We know how much you love the trains! All of them arrive to the Central Riga Train Station in the center of the city. Today it’s the whole network of different buildings with the Bell Towerand a restaurant. It also includes the sopping center Origo. There are lots of shops and cafés.
By coach
Traditionally we send a lot of coaches from different cities of Russia. It’s the most attractive way to get straight to KUBANA-2015 without any delays. You will have a great journey together with like-minded fellows, get new friends or even meet your future spouses. The only thing you have to prepare in advance is a foreign passport with Schengen visa.

We would like to remind you that you can’t have a one-way trip by coach. It’s only there-and-back-again offer and an all-days pass.

But of course if you pay for the whole tour nobody can make you leave.

You can also use the Lux Express buses. Lux Express - the largest international express routes coach operator, which can comfortably take you to Riga from Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, Tallinn and Vilnius, as well as other cities!


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